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Photo Restoration

At McClanahan Camera we can retouch and restore your old photos that have suffered damage from mold, rips, water damage, discoloration, or general wear and tear, into masterpieces that look like new. We can erase time by using skilled photo restoration techniques to make your pictures appear new again. 

We don't just restore old photos. Our photo lab can retouch any photo to enhance, sharpen, improve the color, remove or add people and objects from photos, amidst a great number of other retouching and restoration services to improve the overall quality of your photographs. 

Our restoration and retouching services are of the highest professional quality and we are happy to work with you on any photo retouching or restoration project to make sure you get exactly what want.


Bring in your old photos for a quote today!


**Every photo restoration is different and requires different skills and time. Before completing any work, we will provide you a free no obligation quote. 


Check out some of the photo restorations that we have completed below!

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