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In our lab we can convert your old negatives, slides, and even prints to high quality digital files preserving them digitally for the years to come. We take great care in every step of the digital conversion process, from cleaning your negatives and slides before scanning to contrast and color corrections after digitalization ensuring the image maintains the beautiful quality it originally boasted no matter the storage type. 
Negative and Slide Scanning



  • We individually scan each of your negatives and slides and take the time to adjust in order to get the highest quality scan.








File size of negative/slide scan


For PREVIEW SIZE 4R:           $0.99 each


For 8R size and above:           $6.00 each


For 16R Large Scan:                $15.00 each

High-Resolution Scanning



  • We can create beautiful High Resolution scans of your images!

  • This allows you to create copies of your existing photos or even obtain a digital file of your images.

  • Scanning your images allows you to do so much more with all of your photos and continue to make lasting memories.



For photos 8x10 or SMALLER:         $6.00


Photos between 8x10 AND 11x17: $15.00


LARGER than 11x17:                $25 to $100

Put all of your scanned files onto a CD: $6.99


**Prices do not include the cost of prints

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