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Video Transfer

Deadline for guaranteed Xmas Delivery December 5 

Archiving photographs and files to CD or DVD or USB

Worried about losing your photographs or digital files? We can help you stop worrying by copying and converting your digital files to CD, DVD or USB. We can even digitize your photographs or negatives and save those to CD, DVD or USB. Home movies in 8mm or Super 8 can also be transferred to DVD to be played back on a DVD player or to computer ready files MP4 files on USB.



Duplication from CD/DVD to CD/DVD

Do you wish to upgrade your CDs to DVDs or simply want to make a duplicate? We can make a duplicate with ease.   We can also convert family DVD to MP4 digital files and audio CD to MP3 files.



Video duplication and transcription

Want to share your videos? We can create excellent quality duplicates in no time. With our video conversion systems we can work with almost any video format.


Want to transfer your videos to another format since you've upgraded all your equipment?

We can transfer and convert from Hi8, VHS, VHS-C and DVD and more to any format of your choice. We can also transfer NTSC and PAL formats if you are coming from, or moving abroad. PAL is limited to VHS format. Speak to our resident expert, Cindy. 



Corrupt file recovery from memory devices

Don't panic! If you are having difficulties with your memory device, there is still hope that you can recover the content. When you think those precious memories are lost for good, it's time to come and see us so we can help you recover them.

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