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Canon Lens Mount History and Guide to Compatibility

Canon RF mount for Mirrorless R cameras only

Canon EF-M Lens Mount 2012-2023 for certain super small Canon M series mirrorless

  • Canon EF-M lens mount, 2012 to 2023 is solely designed for M series mirrorless cameras. This lens mount type is discontinued but an adapter remains to allow EF and EF-S lens to be used on M mount cameras (Mount Adapter EF-EOS M)

Canon EF mount vs EF-S mount for DSLR

  • Canon EF mount is designed for Digital SLR cameras. Digital SLR cameras have a mirror that covers the sensor and are often referred to at DSLRs.. EF mount works on some film camera as well like Rebel and Elan series.

  • Canon EF mount works on both crop and full frame Canon DSLR.

  • The EF-S works only on the cropped frame DSLR.

  • Why both EF and EF-S? EF-S lens tend to be smaller and take less glass since they do not need to cover the larger full frame sensor. Remember you can use EF full frame lens on both full and crop frame digital SLR (DSLR) cameras

  • Cropped frame EF-S/EF mount digital cameras include the Canon Digital Rebel and SL1, SL2, SL3 series as well as 90D, 80D, 70D, 60D, 50D, 40D, 30D, 20D, 77D, 7D, 7D mark ii

  • Full frame EF mount camera include Canon EOS 5D series, 6D series, 1D series

Adapter for using EF mount lens (for Digital SLR) on RF cameras (mirrorless R cameras)

Canon lens features

  • USM—Ultra Sonic Motor (1987)

  • AF—Autofocus (1989)

  • IS—Image Stabilization (1995) The lens is equipped with Image Stabilization gyros which dampen vibration and camera movement to deliver a sharper image.

  • L –. Canon L glass—best glass Canon makes with state-of-the-art Ultra Low Dispersion (UD) and Fluorite glass technologies, Aspherical lens surfaces, and Super Spectra Multi Coatings, Canon L-series lenses also feature tough alloy construction and are thoroughly sealed against moisture and dust. LUXURY GLASS

  • STM - Stepper Motor which feature a new design of focus motors which, along with a new iris mechanism are designed to eliminate (auditory) noise during video recording.

  • DS – Defocus Smoothing. Allows for more background blur.

  • SA Control – Featured in the RF 100mm macro lens, Spherical Aberration Control allows you to control the shape and characteristics of foreground and background bokeh.

  • CN-R – Lenses with the CN-R designation are manual focus lenses with manual aperture rings. These RF mount lenses are designed for filmmakers.

  • Z – Lenses with the Z designation have optional Power Zoom adapters for video use. DO NOT CONFUSE WITH NIKON Z MOUNT LENS


FD film mount: 1971 to 1992

· FD mount cameras include F-1, FTb, FTbn, EF, TLb, TX, F-1n, AE-1, AT-1, A-1,AV-1, F-1, AE-1 program, AL-1, T50, T70, T80, T90, T60

FT mount: 1964 to 1968

· FT mount cameras include FX, FP, Pellix, FT QL, Pellix QL, and TL

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