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  • Cindy Ellis

Creating Ghost Images using Long Exposure

  • Tools of the trade

    • Shutter Release (remote shutter)

    • Camera with manual or shutter priority setting

    • Willing participate (the ghost)

    • Possibly a neutral density filter

  • Choose a subject or model and a great creepy location.

  • Set your camera on tripod to prevent unwanted camera shake and use a remote or shutter release. Self timer could work in a pinch.

  • Set your camera on shutter priority. Your shutter speed will need to be 8 to 10 seconds.

  • Your subject will need to move through the frame quickly. Flowing clothes or capes can add more ghostly effects.

  • Your subject will need to remain still for a short period perhaps starting with 2 seconds before moving quickly.

  • Exposure will be based on the light available. Please note that if your aperture value is blinking or saying low or high there will be a good chance that the photo will be either too light or too dark. If your aperture value blinks low, then increase your ISO. If your aperture value blinks high, then decrease your ISO.

  • Use a neutral density filter is trying to shoot a ghost figure during the day. The neutral density filter with decrease the amount of light coming in through the lens thus allowing you to achieve the lower shutter speeds needed for creating the ghost image.

  • Using bracketing exposure or using exposure compensation allows for the darkening or lightening of the entire image.

  • Try adding a black and white or sepia filter to add more drama.

  • Consider using an exposure of 30 seconds like in the below of the Romanian cathedral candlelight service by Robert Gombos.. Each moving light leaves a trail. .

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