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  • Cindy Ellis

Night Sky Photography 101 (no HDR stacking)

  • Turn your camera to Manual Exposure Mode (M)

  • Use Manual Focus set to infinity or icon of mountain.

  • Tripod is strongly suggested.

  • When using tripod turn off the image stabilization on your lens.

  • Use the self timer or remote release to take photo.

  • Set shutter speed to 10 seconds and aperture to lowest number possible like f2.8.

  • Set ISO to 800. Look at photo.. More than likely you will need to adjust it.

    • If the photo is too dark either increase number of seconds for shutter speed or increase ISO

    • If the photo is too light decrease ISO

  • If your camera has a long exposure noise reduction feature consider using it.

  • Don't have a manual mode on your camera

    • Consider using the fireworks scene mode, HDR, or the night landscape mode.

  • More advanced and love to use photoshop.

    • Consider shooting in RAW

    • Consider HDR stacking

    • Consider changing White Balance

    • Consider painting with light

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