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  • Set your camera to M for manual exposure.

  • Set your focus mode to manual focus.

  • Set your shutter speed to 1/15 second.

  • Set your aperture to f5.6

  • Set your ISO to 800

  • Best to use a wider angle lens to capture the entire frame.

  • Get your drive mode to single shot.

  • Use your tripod and remote release to prevent camera shake.

  • If tripod is not available use a lens with stabilization and brace yourself against a table, tree, wall, etc.

  • If your photo is too dark then decrease your aperture number or increase your ISO.

  • If your photo is too light then increase your shutter speed or decrease your ISO.

  • Great places to visit our town centers.

  • Note movement of cars, or people in your photo will produce streaks of light.

  • Want to change the color tone of your photo. Experiment with white balance and picture styles.

  • Go old school with black and white or sepia.

Note the photo above by Martin Link how the lower shutter speed make the falling snow more dramatic and how the lights give you a halo effect.

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