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Photographing the Pink Moon--Tonight, April 7th

One of the key points to remember when photographing the moon is exposing for daylight and adjusting shutter speeds to allow for the rotation or movement of the moon. You will need to use manual exposure since your camera's meter will see the darkness of night and often lead to a photo without any definition in the moon. It will also be important to set your camera on manual focus since the camera may have problem finding something on which to focus.

For camera that allow you to go manual.

FYI: apps like manual camera and procam allow manual photography on iphone.

apps like proshot and open camera allow manual photography on androids

Manual Focus--using infinity setting

Moon is moving so maintain high shutter speed

Tripod recommended.

Start by exposing for daylight.

Exposing for daylight.

Use the Luney 11 photography for photographing the moon at night.

Luney 11 rule

Aperture at f11

Shutter speed = 1/ISO

Manual focus at infinity.

Translation of this rule --best for 1/2 moon and 3/4 full moon

Aperture; f11

Shutter Speed = 1/400

ISO: 400

Manual focus: infinity

If the moon is super full like pink moon.

Aperture: f16

Shutter Speed = 1/400

ISO: 400

Manual Focus: infinity

If your photos are too dark or too dark, use exposure compensation (+/-) . By using the compensation button you will lighten (+1) or darken (-1) your image.

For cell phone and camera that do not allow you to go manual.

See if the camera has a handheld nighttime landscape, moon, HDR or sunset mode.

If not

Flash: Cut off flash.

Focus: Manual focus or make sure the focus box is on the moon. Zoom in if possible . Light Meter: if you can change it change it to spot meter. (may have to be in P mode)

Exposure Compensation (EV): +/- : +1 lightens photo -1 darkens photo

below photo is not perfectly clear but shot on program mode with point and shoot.

Join us tonight, April 7) on at 5pm for more details.

email for meeting number and password.

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