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  • Cindy Ellis

Photographing Your Dog

Know your dogs personality. Know favorite treats, favorite toy and favorite person.

Pick the best and safe location. Consider the sun. Easiest way to get the best photo is to have the sun at the photographers back or shoot on an overcast day. If you shoot into the sun you will get a silhouette.

Choosing different lens will give you a different look. Consider a fish-eye or extra wide angle lens for fun.

Choosing different aperture allow you to blur out the background or keep the background in focus.

Maintain a high shutter speed to stop action. Using continuous fire and continuous auto-focus to allow to stop your dog in motion. Most sports mode do that for you.

Remember to reward your pet and give your pet a break as needed.

Visit Nikon Learn and Explore and search dog for more ideas and tips

photo credits Nikon and Pixabay.

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