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  • Cindy Ellis

Preserving your Memories: Photos Part I

Many of us are finding some extra time on our hands. Many of us are sheltering in our homes. Getting bored. How about tackling the boxes of family photos or organizing your digital files? Here is the first in the post with tips on archiving your photos by using the STEP method: Sort, Tag, Eliminate and Preserve.

1. Start with one bag, one box, one computer/device location at a time

2. Separate pictures into piles by THEME (not year)

.i.e. Holidays, Birthdays, Heritage, Weddings, Graduations, Sports, Vacations

any theme, subject or event that makes sense to you

3. Transfer printed photos by theme into labeled compartments of a photo safe storage box

4. Move digital photos by theme into labeled computer folders

5. Sort memorabilia, physical media, digital videos into same theme piles/folders

6. Transfer memorabilia & physical media into appropriate archival storage systems

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