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  • Cindy Ellis

Software to Organize your Digital Images

There are many photo software out there. Prices range from free to hundreds of dollars. Before you invest money and time learning a photo software, decide what you need to you with your images.

Software Features

  • · Process RAW files

  • · Tag your photo with single key words or sentences Retouch the image or just lighten and darken the image

· Batch process images and rename images

· Edit video and change format of video for web

· Work on multiple platforms (Mac and PC) or on multiple computer

· Integrate with online photos, your phone, your tablet, etc

· Can the program be web based? (need good internet)

· Face Recognition Software for easy tagging of images

· Filters or Green Screen processing

How easy is it to share your photo with social media and file sharing sites?

· Are there free tutorials online?

Look at free software like Nikon View NX i, Canon zoom browser, apple photo, google photos, microsoft photos, and other free apps. They may be everything you need.

Some popular and less complicated software than Photoshop Lightroom include ACDSee and ON1. Some advantages of ACDsee is the ability to tag or label your digital images in great detail like sentences not single words. This is great for genealogists or press reporters. ON1 is another great software that has many of the attributes of Photoshop for a fraction of the price. I find the tagging system in On1 a little easier especially if you decide the edit your tags along the way..

Here are few videos showing some basic features of On1 and ACDSee.

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