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  • Cindy Ellis

Taming the Digital Photo Jungle

So how many digital files do you have on your phone? How many have you recently backup to your computer? Do you have cloud storage? Can you access your cloud storage? All good questions.

So now after you download all these images. How do you organize them?

Consider using the STEP method: Sort Tag Eliminate Preserve.

Let's explore the first step, Sort. Sort your images into folders or albums. Have very generic album or folder names like Holiday, Sports, School. Start one folder at a time.

The next step will be to Tag these photos. Tagging is another word for labeling. Many computer programs allow you the Tag a photo with multiple tags. For instance, Basketball, Kids Name, High School. Digital photos already have the date in the file information. Certain programs offer more tagging options then others. Some programs even offer face recognition.

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